Igor Slowing

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Dept:Ames Laboratory Of US DOE
Office:25 Spedding
2416 Pammel Dr
Ames IA
Links: Website

Research Area: Inorganic and Materials

Topics of interest: Biological Applications, Catalysis, Materials, Multifunctional Nanostructured Materials for Energy


The Slowing group seeks to understand and control chemical processes in condensed phases within nanoconfined domains. Our team develops porous nanostructures capable of constraining solvated species to dimensions within the range of five to ten times their molecular size. This allows exploring the effects of partially restricted motion on molecular stability, supramolecular interactions and chemical reactivity. We investigate how local environment at the nanoscale affects the behavior of reactive species and influences the mechanism, kinetics and selectivity of reactions. We apply this understanding to develop nanodevices for application in various fields such as catalysis, sensing, biomedical research or environmental chemistry.

Peer-Reviewed Articles (52)