Yan Zhao

Professor [CHEM]


Office:3101d Hach
2438 Pammel Dr
Ames IA

Research Area: Organic and Bioorganic

Topics of interest: Biomimetic, Catalysis, Materials, Nanochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Supramolecular


The biological world has unparalleled abilities to control structures, functions, reactions, and energy transfer with great efficiency and accuracy. We are interested in biomimetic chemistry to "abstract good design from nature." One of our main research goals is to design molecules that functionally mimic certain biological systems, and in turn to prepare molecules, polymers, and materials that have useful and superior properties in molecular recognition, sensing, transport, and catalysis. As examples, our protein-mimicking organic nanoparticles have specific binding sites for biological ligands and functional groups for catalysis. Our synthetic foldamers have peptide-like conformational tunability for molecular transport and environmental responsiveness.

Peer-Reviewed Articles (57)